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It is spot lights that should project forwards, the pencil beam illuminating
things a long way ahead.

Fog lamps are usually those with a wide pattern, all thrown downwards and
nothing upwards.  These can be positioned to illuminate the curb, or the
centre line, or both if you have two, a short distance in front of the car.
If they project too far forwards in thick fog you will get all glare and no
illumination, so you would be better off without them.  If the fog lights
are wired such that they can only be used when the headlights are on there
effectiveness is considerably reduced by the glare from the headlights being
thrown back.  Up to 1970 factory fog lights were wired to be available with
just the sidelights, from 1970 they were only available with the dipped
headlights.  The spot lights were always wired to come on with the main
beam.  The Workshop Manual depicts the lights on the same side for both RHD
and LHD cars, the left, whether they were physically positioned differently
I don't know.  Neither do I know what the current regs are, but I have a
pair of front fogs that I can use with the sidelights only, same as the rear

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> We had a small amount of fog this morning here in St. Louis and that got
> to thinking about the single fog lamp on my MGA.  Out of curiosity, where
> it supposed to be aimed?  At the moment it is just sort of pointed "out
> there."  Also, on which side should it be on a LHD car?  The wiring
> seems to want it on the curb side, but that would be the road side on a
> British RHD car.  Or does it really matter..........

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