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RE: brake lines

To: "'Skye Poier'" <>, MG Nuts <>
Subject: RE: brake lines
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 16:34:14 -0700

My apologeticals.

        Before leaping in, I did wonder if you were referring to a brake
light switch or the pressure differential switch, which is why I used the
latter term when jumping up and down and screaming.

        The term you used "leaky brake pressure switch" threw me.   I'm used
to folks calling it a brake light switch, but your term is technically
correct.  So again apologies.

        I figured if you were referring to the pressure operated brake light
switch, then although you were doing the right thing, someone else who did
have a leaking pressure differential switch and thought about using teflon
tape might get a useful message.  (how's that for wandering around in verbal

        You are correct.  Now that I think somewhat clearly about it, the
early single line pressure operated brake light switch is one of the few
instances of npt threads on the B..  In other words it does seal on the
threads, not with a washer, and teflon sealant would be very suitable.  I've
not run into any problems with teflon and brake fluid, so I'm under the same
impression you are.

So, you did right, and your paint job can remain safe.


> Word on the street is Dodd, Kelvin said:
> > Fluid leaking from the brake pressure differential switch 
> indicates an
> > internal leak in the internal shuttle piston.
> I have an early single line system, this is the brake light switch at
> the 4-way junction, I don't have a pressure differential switch.
> > Hydraulics are sealed either at the cone of the flare, or  
> with a copper
> > washer.  Neither of which is going to be improved by using 
> sealant on the
> > threads. 
> Well, I beg to differ, because it did fix the very slow leak 
> around the
> switch.  Perhaps it didn't come with a washer that it should have. The
> previous switch (which lasted only a few months, can you say POS?) did
> not leak.  Maybe the threads got damaged.
> Anyway, if someone can tell me definatively that the tape reacts badly
> with brake fluid, then I won't use it.  Otherwise, my paint job takes
> priority in "emergency" situations.

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