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One of the facts I have learnt about companies is that they can exist, in 
fact prosper, with poor management - but cannot survive for long with 
a  poor work force.  Strange though it may seem it is the middle management 
(i.e.  the work force leaders) who make the company.  I have never been 
middle management but have experienced their effectiveness.

At 08:51 AM 9/17/02 +0100, Telewest \(PH\) wrote:
>Not entirely, they were aided and abetted by weak management who thought the
>gravy train would roll on for ever and passed the results of the excessive
>wage claims on to the consumer.  That and lack of investment.
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> > Having had experience with British unions I am quite convinced that they
> > were 95% responsible for the death of the British car industry.


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