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Engine mods and reliability

To: MGS <>
Subject: Engine mods and reliability
From: Eric <>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 01:07:23 +0930
Speaking of engine mods, horsepower and reliability (I am sure someone
mentioned some/all of those topis:-)

This weekend is our big event (well... maybe the twilight meet is
bigger) for the year, our 6 Hour Regularity Relay Teams Meeting.  All
the fun of the fair - and we are going to beat those darn Alfa guys this year!!

How many of you performance guys reckon that your car is LESS reliable
since you beefed it up a bit?

I can't believe how many of our normally staunch SuperSprint competitors
have bailed out of this 6 hour event this year, mainly I think because
they are going to have to run for more than the four lap sprint
distance.  Many have said they are concerned about their cars not making
the distance.

Sheesh, somone these people have spent quite a bit of money making their
cars go faster than mine... but I reckon mine will still be standing
proud at the end of the day.  They must have forgotten to order
'reliability' when they were buying all that extra horsepower and fancy
engine bits!

Admittedly you don't drive for hours at 100mph on a cross country trip
(well, *I* don't) but I drove my car for 8 hours at mostly 70mph (65 is
the maximum speed limit) to a race meeting at Easter.  Raced her.  Then
drove 8 hours back and suffered no ill effects.  Why would I be
concerned about a few extra laps around a race track and the odd
thousand more revs?

Adelaide, South Australia

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