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Re: Engine mods and reliability

To: Eric <>, MGS <>
Subject: Re: Engine mods and reliability
From: Tim Baxter <>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 10:45:33 -0500
> Admittedly you don't drive for hours at 100mph on a cross country 
> (well, *I* don't) but I drove my car for 8 hours at mostly 70mph (65 
> the maximum speed limit) to a race meeting at Easter.  Raced her.  
> drove 8 hours back and suffered no ill effects.  Why would I be
> concerned about a few extra laps around a race track and the odd
> thousand more revs?

The great thing about the B motor is it's strength. I had a modded, 
very quick B, and I drove the snot out of it constantly, to no ill 
And I DID drive it for hours at a time at or close to 100 mph, cross 
the desert, in the summertime, going from Louisiana to Phoenix in 
the summertime.

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