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installing a pos ground radio

To: <>
Subject: installing a pos ground radio
From: "Kevin D. Richards" <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 18:39:07 -0400
Ok, I have a 64B that I currently run as Pos ground.
Will I have to replace my fuel pump with a neg ground pump if I convert?

I want to put in a newer radio (hidden).
Is it possible for me to run a pos ground supply to a radio shack Pos ground
to neg ground converter, and then supply the radio?

will that work ok?

How about running a separate circuit off the same pos ground battery, to a
converter (pos ground to neg ground converter), and then run that supply to an
auxillary fusebox that I can supply a radio, and say a cigarette lighter so I
can plug in my cell phone?

any words of advice from the electrical savvy?

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