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Re: Racing Flywheels

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: Racing Flywheels
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 15:50:06 -0700
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I'm getting mine lightened from stock
22 lbs to 18 lbs.  I believe the Moss alloy unit weighs 10 lbs.


Word on the street is Tim Baxter said:
> While everything skye said is absolutely true, and goes for ANY car, 
> not just MGs, I think in the Bs case a lightened flywheel MIGHT be a 
> good mod. The B series engine was severely overbuilt, heavy and not 
> particularly rev-happy. It does, however, have torque to spare. I 
> don't know if I would go to the pricey extreme of an aluminum one, but 
> shaving the stock piece down could be worthwhiile, I think. I have no 
> doubt you'll get more engine vibration. How much more, I don't know.
> But I think the B is an exception here. I wouldn't dare lighten the 
> flywheel on my neon R/T, which already revs well, and is very quick, 
> but has zero torque (or horsepower down low), for the very reasons 
> Skye mentioned.
> Just like any performance mod, there's tradeoffs. You have to be very 
> careful if you're trying to be smarter than the original designers, 
> and you have to know what tradeoffs you're willing to live with.

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