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MGB Brake Caliper Rebuild Recommendations

To: <>
Subject: MGB Brake Caliper Rebuild Recommendations
From: "Rick Starkweather" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 14:10:47 -0500
Anyone have any recommendations re: someone who can rebuild my front
brake calipers?  Moss, Joe Curto, Apple Hydraulics, Atlanta Imports,
someplace in Wisconsin???  Moss prices seem high, Atlanta Imports had
the lowest price, I have heard good things about Curto, and some mixed
reviews with Apple.  VALUE is my primary consideration.  The calipers
are for my race car, so I need a quality rebuild job.  That said, I
don't want to pay an unnecessarily inflated price.  I have a lot more
things I can spend my money on to get the car ready for the track this


Richard D. Starkweather
Scott, Madden & Associates, Inc.
919-781-4191 (office)
919-345-9871 (mobile)

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