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Re: Wiring question/ head light switch 69C

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Subject: Re: Wiring question/ head light switch 69C
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 07:57:00 -0700 (PDT)
Original switch has 4 posts 1-red 2-blue 3-brown
4-purple.  The purple appears to be interior lights.
I'm trying to determine if I need to find an NOS
switch or can I put the purple with the blue or red
--- "Telewest (PH)" <>
> Don't have any MGC diagrams but I can't imagine what
> the purple would be for
> there, sounds like a PO addition.  Does it come out
> of the loom or is it
> loose?  If loose where does it go?  Purple on the
> MGB is fused, always hot,
> for things like the horn and interior lights.  Does
> the old switch have four
> terminals?  Or was the purple attached to the same
> terminal as one of the
> others?  Is the purple connected to anything i.e.
> what happens if you
> connect a fused 12v supply to it?  Or does it show
> 12v when something else
> is switched on?  If the front running lights didn't
> come on with the other
> three wires connected then maybe that wire (red on
> an MGB) is damaged up
> front somewhere and the PO ran in a purple to bypass
> it.  In which case it
> should go with the red on the switch.

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