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RE: Transporting an engine in an SUV

Subject: RE: Transporting an engine in an SUV
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 18:27:22 EDT
     You may also cheat, and let the air out of your rear tires to make the
loading area lower.
     Check that there is an air supply to refill them first though   ;-)
     Also, some tool rental places rent portable forklifts. You can narrow a
pallet to fit your SUV or make a small wood platform.
     Also, some of us might live in the area where help is needed.
     Eric "lurker" Peterson
46 Mg TC
70 MGB
59 MGA
65 VW Panel
97 Audi A4
00 honda civic
So many cars, so little parking.

<<I was saying that I did have tie downs for once the motor was in.   My
concern is getting it in there :) 

Thanks for the tire idea, I really like that.  I am trying to figure out if
I can do it with a ramp and maybe a movers dolly.  Another idea is to see if
I can roll the engine stand up to the back of the truck and lift it up the
few inches left (maybe jacking the front up) then push the engine into the
back.  After that remove the stand and scoot the motor into place.>>

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