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Re: The After-Market

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Subject: Re: The After-Market
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 20:44:00 -0700 (PDT)
MGC wannabe owners,
Parts can be had if you do a little leg or computer
I'm currently doing a 69 MGC Roadster and have stock
piled quite a bit. I watch for sales and work
bardering deals etc.
I currently need the spacer in with the front wheel
bearings that looks like a large hollow point bullit
out of a 50 cal. machine gun. Couldn't figure out why
wheel wobbled so much til I took the bearings apart
and realized the spacer is missing. It's about 6" deep
looks something like this but more rounded /\. In the
Moss catelog it is # 264-620. Are they the same for
C's and B's? Don't worry, I didn't have it on the road
yet (-:
It's fun cause it's a little different then the B but
a lot can be swapped from a B. I've only driven one
and it was a tri-carb with suspension beefed up and
lightened fly wheel ect. It was a lot faster then an
average C I was told. Can't wait to give mine a run. I
have to pull the head and check for cracks ect. So
maybe next spring (-:

> > are serious parts for MGCs tricky to come
> > by?  I have DEFINITELY noticed that there is
> virtually
> > no mention of them by Moss, which makes me a
> little
> > nervous.

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