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Re: Lucas Electrical Emergency Team

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Subject: Re: Lucas Electrical Emergency Team
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 20:58:54 -0400
> NYC 08/14/2003.
> Crack members of the Lucas Electrical Emergency Team were
> dispatched to New York City to see if they could help with the
> massive Power Outage.

If anyone happened to hear NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's speech today around
5:45, you should have caught a wonderful reference to the old joke that
circulates about Lucas electrical systems and the smoke that makes them run.

There had been a report that the power outage was due to a fire at a major
power switching facility in NY, Mayor Bloomberg said "There was no fire at
that facility, that facility actually releases smoke on an occasional basis
and that is the cause for the confusion, as at the time of the power outage
that facility did release some smoke."

Looks like someone let the smoke out of the NE electrical grid ;-)

Anyhow, it seems those wacky Canadians are saying there was a lightning
strike which caused the entire outage.  I do not know about anyone else but
at 4PM today in the Niagara region it was a beautiful day of about 85 degF
with clear skies sans a few white clouds.  I was less than 50 miles away,
all day, on the outskirts of Rochester.  I just got home to SE PA about 10
minutes ago and Rochester is still without power.  I have to go back to
Rochester tomorrow, hopefully some power will be restored and the gas
stations will at least be working... but I have already filled a two spare 5
gallon tanks and the aux tank in my truck.

If I get lucky, perhaps tomorrow I will see some of this elusive lightning
as it is supposed to be another fine day in that particular region.


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