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Re: Lucas Electrical Emergency Team

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Subject: Re: Lucas Electrical Emergency Team
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Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 22:47:02 +1200
It doesn't take much - just a dud warning lamp!

have a look at

About half way down ( or do a <Ctrl f> query in ie explorer, search for
'Allis' ) is a brief description of the reason for the 1974 New York break

Once 'Big Allis' failed, the surrounding generating and distribution systems
overloaded and tripped out. This cascaded in much the same fashion as the
present one seems to have done.

I think that the 1977 one was due to a lightning strike

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Subject: Re: Lucas Electrical Emergency Team

> Is there a grid?  How can one power station failure black out cities as
> apart as New York, Detroit, Toronto and Ottowa as has been reported in the
> UK?  It's deja vu all over again.  James Burke produced a television
> many years ago called Connections built around a similar power outage in
> 1968 where a single component at the Niagara Falls power station blacked
> power to 30 million people over 80,000 square miles, with a similar event
> 1977 I understand.

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