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RE: Chrome roll bar question

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Subject: RE: Chrome roll bar question
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 21:04:41 -0800
If there is enough yelling and screaming from the list, I can look into getting 
something like this into production.  Moss Motors manufactures a number of 
different designs of the Miata loop bar.

The Miata bar is more look than protection, an MGB version would have to be 
much stronger as the legs would have to be longer.  There is a version being 
made for the TR6 in the UK, actually two seperate hoop bars.


> Hi Listers: Earlier today I saw a Miata (I think) with a 
> chrome roll bar. It 
> really looked neat as it came up behind each headrest in a 
> tight circle rather 
> than a long straight piece like the ones I have seen on our B's.
> In the interest of safety, I want to install a roll bar in 
> the "B" I am now 
> restoring for my son as I know my grandaughter will also want 
> to drive it in a 
> year. 
> Have any of you done this? If so, can you send specs or pictures?
> If no one has, I am going to talk with a body shop friend of 
> mine and perhaps 
> have one built.
> Thanks
> Dennis Barr

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