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Re: Chrome roll bar question

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Subject: Re: Chrome roll bar question
From: "James Nazarian" <>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 01:05:22 -0500
Not to mention that you have to be very careful when chrome plating things
not to make the material so brittle that it destroys the structural strength
of the base metal.  Any chrome plating will cause some hydrogen
embrittlement to the base metal, but very few platers know enough to do it
with the minimal evasiveness.  For that reason, I doubt you could ever pass
a chromed roll bar through a real racing safety inspection.

James Nazarian
71 MGB Tourer
85 Dodge Ram
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Subject: Re: Chrome roll bar question

>> But the functional rollbar doesn't look very attractive and would
> probably look even worse chromed rather than flat black (far too much
> metal involved, back-stays, diagonal cross-brace etc.).

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