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Alternatives to de-smogging

Subject: Alternatives to de-smogging
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 16:59:28 EDT
In a message dated 6/10/04 9:29:05 PM, 

> I am just trying to make you (us) face up to the fact that by
> choosing to drive an "obsolete" vehicle, we are part of the problem, not
> part of the solution, albeit a very small part.
Actually, if you expand the equation, you may get a different answer. How 
much pollution is created, energy and resources used in the manufacture of the 
new car that is going to replace the obsolete vehicle you've chosen not to use 
in favor of a new car. And how much pollution will be created in recycling and 
disposing of the materials in the obsolete car you've chosen to junk. Though I 
can't footnote my source, my recollection is that a well-maintained older car 
can be used for many years before it produces the amount of pollution created 
in the manufacture of its replacement. If these calculations are correct, 
every mile we drive in our well-maintained (seals and rings replaced as needed, 
tune-ups carried out, timing correct, exhaust system in good shape, etc.) hobby 
cars contributes to the solution of the problem, if the alternative is 
junking the car and buying a new one. 
The only ways to really help solve the problem are to park your old car, take 
up cycling as your hobby and use the time you save in not having to maintain 
your car to lobby for inclusion of SUVs and light trucks in the emission 
Gary Anderson

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