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Re: List confusion

To: charlie shelden <>
Subject: Re: List confusion
From: Eric <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 11:56:31 +1030
charlie shelden wrote:
> > But OTOH, SOME of us have real MGs.....;-)
> >
> > Bill
> > (Real MGs have 2 cams)
> See it is this type of "good natured kidding" that sort of rubs on people.

Gee, then you had better not come to Australia - this sort of stuff is
our way of life.  I know that we frequently get in trouble when dealing
with people from some other countries (OK, the USA is one of them :-)
because they don't quite get our "good natured" sarcasm - but really, we
are generally a friendly mob.

Hey, I get constant ribbing over the COLOUR of my car.  It seems a REAL
MG is not pale Primrose (or at least not an MG that a MAN would drive)
:-)  And trust me, the midget owners at our MG Car Club put up with a
lot of ribbing... but tend to give back equally, too.

And need I tell you how thick my skin has to be because I have been a
"MacAddict" since the 80's.

If anyone has a SERIOUS problem with your choice of car - then that is
exactly it... they have a serious problem :-)

Adelaide, South Australia

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