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Re: List confusion

To: charlie shelden <>
Subject: Re: List confusion
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 13:41:46 -0500

  A few years ago I picked up a 1500 Midget, asked Qs and talked about 
it on this and the Spridget list for the year I was restoring it.  No 
one bugged me a bit about it for all that time.  Not only that, Bill's 
jape could apply to any MG but the twincams.  So why do YOU feel singled 
out?  Maybe your skin is too thin, eh? ;^)


charlie shelden wrote:
>>But OTOH, SOME of us have real MGs.....;-)
>>(Real MGs have 2 cams)
> See it is this type of "good natured kidding" that sort of rubs on people.
>  Sure it is ment as a elbow poke/tongue in cheek comment but it is
> something that us Spridget owners get ALL the time in groups whether at
> real or virtual gatherings, and frankly after awhile it does get old.  We
> work as hard and love our MG's as much as any MG owner.  Each model has
> it's own personality and qualities. I guess it just gets old after
> awhile....I'll keep my Midget and Bugeye.
> charlie

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