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     Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 19:30:15 -0700
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     Subject: Distributor advance springs

Carl, Paul, Rick

Thanks for your responses regarding advance springs for my early MGB
distributor.  I took your combined advice and researched John Twist at
University Motors and XK's Unlimited.

According to John Twist's web site, University Motors does not supply
parts by mail order, and I could not find and dizzy springs listed at
XK's web shopping site.

I did also get a response from Jeff at Motorhead in Fairfax VA who
suggested I call him to explain my needs and for him to possibly
supply a used set of advance springs.

I am in the process of cleaning and refurbishing this distributor
which I purchased at swap meet.  The bushings are in good shape and
there is no appreciable free play in the distributor shaft.
Everything I've read about rebuilding distributors suggests that the
wear areas are the bushings and the advance springs.  Since the
bushings are ok, and not having any practical way to test the springs
I thought that I would replace them while I have everything apart.

What are your thoughts on this?  Should I just put it all back
together and be done with it?.  I could test the advance with a timing
light once the dizzy is installed.  This would give an indication of
the springs condition, but may require taking everything apart a
second time.

Thanks in advance,

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