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Need Help With Water Leak(s)

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Subject: Need Help With Water Leak(s)
From: "Christian, Skip" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 13:12:00 -0400
        I have a '74 B.  Every time I drive through the rain or wash the car, I 
up with puddles in the middle of the rubber floor mats.  The driver's side
leaks worse.  On the driver's side, the water collects directly under the
pedals and it appears that the water is coming through the hole under the
pedal box.  But upon lifting the bonnet, there is never any water in the
vicinity of the pedal box.  Also, the bonnet seal is new (it only goes halfway
down each side).  There doesn't appear to be any water droplets in the engine
compartment even after driving through hard rain.  One final note, there is no
moisture at the heater air outlets.  If it was the windshield, where would the
water appear - back of the dash ?
        Anyone seen this before and have a fix ??

Thanks,  Skip

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