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RE: Rear Axle Oil Seal and Bearing

To: "'Elliott and Martha DeGraff'" <>
Subject: RE: Rear Axle Oil Seal and Bearing
From: "Frank P. Marrone" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 08:59:37 -0800
I'm not sure if this is applicable to the MG but I suspect it is.  Take a
good look at the axle shaft at the point where the seal rides on it.  If
this area is corroded or significantly scored (grooved) or otherwise damaged
simply replacing the seal may not fix your problem.  Some small amounts of
grooving on the axle sealing surface is normal and usually not going to
cause problems.  

In some cases the sealing surface on the axle may be cleaned up using fine
emery cloth followed by crocus cloth but in many other cases the axle must
be replaced.  In the old days you used to be able to have axle shafts
sleeved to repair this condition but I have not heard of anyone doing this

I just recently had this experience with a vehicle that will remain
nameless.  Bad leak at the wheel seal.  During disassembly it showed all
signs of having been recently done.  The shaft was corroded at the sealing
surface.  If cleaned it up as best I could without removing significant
material.  Put it back together and it still leaked.  Got another axle from
the local wrecker, it was much better but had some slight corrosion.
Cleaned that one up and installed it and so far so good.


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