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Key West Regional Meet

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Subject: Key West Regional Meet
From: dave houser <>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 09:06:48 -0700
Rita and I just back from the Florida NAMGAR regional meet and it was 
fantastic! The weather(not too hot but dry), the site itself(Doubletree 
Hotel-access to everything by jitney or hotel transportation) and the 
cars( Don Holle drove in from Albuquerque, with George Merryweather as 
shotgun, from Texas!). We had about 50 folks and 28 cars. One of the 
biggest surprises was Fred and Cindy Staup, owners of the 100,000th MGA 
made(come up to Michigan and see it there). He also owns Hurricane Joe's 
where we had a great meal one of the nights. He arranged for photos of 
each car to be shot at the "Furthest Southern Point in the US" marker as 
well as a Poker Rally from Miami to Key West. Would you believe the 
winner had a royal straight flush to the ace! We only had a full house.
We also had as  guest speaker, Peter Thornley, son of the famous John 
Thornley. He gave us some nice anecdotes of growing up surrounded by 
MG's. It was a small, intimate group of fun folk and by the time we left 
we knew everyone.
All in all, we had so much fun, we hope to make it a yearly event.
Dave Houser

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