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Re: What is with MGB jacks?

To: "Ronald A. Fine" <>
Subject: Re: What is with MGB jacks?
From: dave houser <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 18:42:16 -0700
I guess my response over MGB jacks never made the list as I stupidly 
forgot to delete the bottom information from the email before sending.
So, I'll try again.
Throw away the B jack and find a Honda scissor jack in any junkyard. 
Small, compact, lightweight and works like a charm under the front and 
rear suspension points even if you have a flat.
Dave Houser

Ronald A. Fine wrote:

>I drove a new 65MGB for 6 years when I was in college.  I jacked it up many 
>times with the factory jack.  I never had a problem, but I now have a 66 MGB 
>which I use the scissor jack I bought at PepBoys.  There were something like 
>600,000 MGB sold.  I wonder what the actual failure rate was for the factory 
>jack?  As a lawyer I would assume that there were some lawsuits over the 
>injuries that must have occurred when these jacks failed? Just wondering?

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