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Re: 1968 MGBGT Vin Location

To: Patrick Opsahl <>
Subject: Re: 1968 MGBGT Vin Location
From: Simon Matthews <>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 13:48:00 -0700
On 10/3/05, Patrick Opsahl <> wrote:

> of our cars inspected.  The inspector could not find the VIN number on the
> MGBGT?  I searched and found a beat up metal tag with a number (held on by
> one rivet - second rivet is missing) on the drivers side innner body panel
> (just to the right of the radiator) when looking inside the engine
> compartment.  This number does NOT match the VIN number on my title?

I don't know about MGBs, but quite a lot of MGAs (mine included) are
titled against the engine number. Clausager noted this in "Original

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