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Re: Faultless MGB-GT

To: "Mark L. Hineline" <>
Subject: Re: Faultless MGB-GT
From: Simon Matthews <>
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 21:25:23 -0800
To add my 2c:

I was, until recently using my '57 MGA as a daily driver -- although my
commute was quite short. I did this for 6 years and in that time, the car
never stranded me totally. Some years earlier, I used my '74 MGB for weekly
trips to the airport (70 miles) where it was parked in the open for the

So, here is my list:
1. Renew all hoses. Make sure you replace with the best quality available.
Especially the radiator top hose.
2. Heater control valve. I have mixed feelings about this one, since I
believe the quality of replacements is rather poor.
3. Cables. I have had 2 accelerator cables break. It's possible that I don't
have the correct combination of nuts and washers at the clamp.
4. Windscreen wiper motor -- make sure this is properly greased and sealed.
It's no good having a running car if you can't see where you are going.
5. Maintenance
6. Listen to the engine and maintain it.
7. If in a cold climate, have some way of blanking out the oil cooler, or
install a thermostat in the oil line. On one of my 70 mile airport runs, the
temperature gauge never moved off "C".
8. Continually make sure the charging system is working properly. On an MGA,
you can start the car with the hand crank, but the MGB does not have this
9. Maintenance (did I mention that already?)
10. Adjust/replace points at the correct intervals but DON'T replace the
11. Keep the HT leads, distributor cap, etc. clean.
12. Don't fix what is not broken. Don't go replacing the electrical
system/wiring harness unless you think there is a problem. Lucas did not
have any particularly bad reputation in the UK, with its wet climate.


On 11/19/05, Mark L. Hineline <> wrote:
> My lovely wife frequently expresses an interest in having an MGB-GT,
> but after years of driving (and not driving) beaters, including a
> couple LBCs, she has gotten spoiled by a late model VW Jetta. Before
> she would use a B-GT as a daily driver, it would have to be as
> dependable as her Jetta.

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