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Re: MGA RAG TOP air leak

To: "Tom Gunderson" <>,
Subject: Re: MGA RAG TOP air leak
From: yd3 <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 15:14:01 -0600
When I installed the top on my TD which is practically the same, I put a thin 
strip of foam UNDER the bow cover.  That way it wouldn't absorb water.  If you 
put the strip on OVER the bow cover you must be sure to use a closed cell foam 
that won't absorb water.  Otherwise the water will just blow through the foam.


Subject: MGA RAG TOP air leak

> I have a new top on my 57 roadster. It looks great. I need some information on
> how to keep the air  from comming in under the bow. I do not have the clips
> that lock down the bow in the middle. Is there a need to put foam or a soft
> strip across the bow to help seal the windshield to the bow.
> Thanks,
> Tom Gunderson
> 1957 mga 1500

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