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Re: Opinions of this welder?

Subject: Re: Opinions of this welder?
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 11:53:16 EST
To all interested parties
Harbor Freight is located in Camarillo, CA. and is only a few miles from my  
house. I've gone there many times to buy tools and stuff. Most of their really 
 inexpensive stuff is manufactured overseas, from Taiwan, China, Korea, 
India,  Mexico or wherever there's a cheap source of labor and material's and 
 like that.... I don't know about their return policy if you are disappointed 
in  your selection...But, I've returned tools that were obviously defective 
with no  hassle.  Once even without a receipt...But I'd include a photo copy of 
your  original receipt if you do decide to return something. Also a brief 
description  of what you feel is wrong with the welder..Hopefully you'll be 
pleased and  continue using it for years to come..And, of course, I in no way 
to profit  from your transaction nor do I have any invested interests in 
Harbor Freight  other than that of a person who goes their on occasion to buy 
stuff on sale or  just looks like a good buy. 
Good Luck,
Albert  Escalante 
1973 MGB;  1957 Jaguar 3.4 li. Mk. 1
1977 Jaguar  XJ-6L, 1985 Jaguar XJ-6
The Central Coast British Car Club (CA)
Port  Hueneme, CA (info:

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