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Re: Opinions of this welder?

Subject: Re: Opinions of this welder?
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 17:50:48 -0600
I have the Hobart 135.  It is 115V will weld with or without gas and is 
reasonably priced.  The guts are made by Lincoln or Miller I forget 
which but this unit is much cheaper without one of those names on the 
side of it.  It has been a GREAT unit.

Just my 2 cents, do with them what you will. wrote:

> Ok, I may be ready to take the  this 
>welder worth bringing home?
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>Item Detail for SKU # 6271
>For use with or without gas. Comes with welding torch, tip, grounding  cord 
>with clamp, brush/hammer, hand held welding mask and manual.
>Input: 230V, 60 Hz, single phase; Welding current range: 30-120 amps;  Duty 
>cycle: 15% @ 115 amps; Draws 15 amps @ 230V; Max. open circuit  voltage: 36V; 
>Weldable wires: .023", .030", and .035 steel or stainless  steel; .030" and 
>.035" aluminum; .030" flux core  

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