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Re: 79B dual carb conversion -- which type of carb?

Subject: Re: 79B dual carb conversion -- which type of carb?
From: "Paul T. Root" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 14:17:10 -0600
The manifolds are pretty much interchangable. If he needs a port
from the manifold, then screw one in, otherwise, a plug.

Exhaust manifolds aren't available new, but are pretty plentiful on
eBay. Otherwise, there are many different headers available from 
retailers or eBay. wrote:
> OK, the list has checked my memory. What can I say but middle age.
> Another thought. What kind of distributor is Keith going to use? Does he 
> need manifold or ported vacuum? The original US 1979 used manifold but 
> the common replacement Lucas 41427 uses ported.
> For ported, he will need an HS manifold and carbs; for manifold he will 
> need HIF manifold and carbs.  Some parts are getting harder to source, 
> as has been mentioned. Also he will need an exhaust manifold if he still 
> has the original intake/exhaust combo manifold.
> I suppose this is why do many people use the Weber DGV; they are 
> mucheasier ti buy and install but IMO require much more work than SUs to 
> get them jetted and set up properly.
> My two cents,
> Eric

Paul Root
"Few people know what to do when hula girls attack." - Sam, age 8

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