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Re: Moment of Truth

To: Rich C <>
Subject: Re: Moment of Truth
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 20:00:01 -0600
   YEEEHAH!  Ya did good mate!!  Congrats!

    Ida no how many I've rebuilt, got it indexed, spun it up to get oil 
pressure, made sure of fuel pressure and the carbs filled AND THEN put 
in the plugs, hooked up the ignition wiring and GONE FOR IT!!!

   Varoom!  Works every time!!  But what a RUSH!

   Good feeling, huh?



Rich C wrote:
> Hello all,
> She lives!
> After 3 numerous people interruptions, I was finally able to get back to the
> subject at hand. Reinstalled the plugs and wires, pulled the choke knob all
> the way out, sat on the steel floor, cranked her over a couple of times, one
> slight cough, just enough to throw the bendix out of mesh. Okay, she's going
> to go.
> Opened garage door to subfreezing winds, but at least I won't asphyxiate
> myself. Garage furnace immediately cut in to try it's best.
> Second try, and away she went! Immediate oil pressure, no apparent leaks
> anywhere (yet), allowed her to warm up, did a bit of basic carb tuning, but
> she's already pretty close. 5 minutes of smooth running, notice temp. gauge
> working fine, and shut off. Pretty good for the first run up.
> A couple of things to do....
> need to polarize generator, adjust timing back slightly, a bit too much
> advance.
> However, I believe it's safe to say this little girl is back amongst the
> living.
> Now to finish installing interior, top, and complete hardtop restoration.
> Rich Chrysler

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