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Re: rebuild or part out?

To: "Gosling, Richard" <>,
Subject: Re: rebuild or part out?
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 15:06:40 -0000
The starter motor always spins in the same direction as it has both a wound
stator and a wound rotor.  The wiper motor has a permanent magnet stator so
*does* turn in the opposite direction, but it doesn't matter (think about
it).  The early heater fan also has a wound stator so doesn't need to be
reversed, it has two black wires coming from it.  The later motor also has a
permanent magnet stator so it polarity conscious, it has one black and one
green/yellow wire.  The motor changed at the same time as the polarity so it
shouldn't be an issue, but if an early motor has been swapped for a later
one you would need to check, try it both ways, it blows with both, but
significantly more effectively the correct way than the incorrect.

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> Does anyone know if the starter motor will
> still spin in the correct direction, or if it will need to be swapped?

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