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RE: rebuild or part out?

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Subject: RE: rebuild or part out?
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 10:56:11 -0800

I ran into a similar car that was just not worthwhile restoring.  Rather
than parting it out, I sold it to an exporter.  I could have made more
money parting it out, but there would have been a lot of labor that we
often don't take into account.

Sometimes selling the car on, even for a loss will get it into the hands
of someone who is willing to save it.    

This car went to Holland, and hopefully was matched up with an
enthusiast willing to put the time and money into it.  


on 3/15/06 3:40 AM, Peter Ryner at wrote:

> All,
> I've tried to send this twice with no luck.  Maybe too long so I'll
send a
> digest version.  I have a '66 B that I'm starting after sitting around
a few
> years.  Needs a lot of work.
> Body:  Need to replace rear valance, RR fender, patch LR fender,
> floorboards, sills, rockers, rear spring mounts under floorboard,
> several places in left side of engine compartment due to rust, repair
> in scuttle.
> Engine:  Only have a 18GH - wrong one for the car, can it be made to
work in
> pos ground?
> Trans:  Have two early and one late gearbox's.  One early has large
> shaft which should mate to engine - I think
> Front wings are excellent, but the front frame extension has been
> Don't really want to change out the whole front end, but it will
always be a
> little "waivey" as the PO couldn't get all of the damage smoothed out.
> Alignment looks good.
> Will need the normal soft stuff and other component rebuilding.
> I'm really having a problem deciding if it is worth rebuilding.  I
> have a lot invested and could easily recover some of the costs by
> parts, but I hate to see the car lost.  On the other side, unless I
> another engine (not really in the budget) it will never be a correct
> It does have the early type doors, although the SN about 2000 units
> the change was made.  So I don't know if they are original to the car.
> Any experience in mating different engines/transmissions?  What about
> thoughts on the best way to proceed if at all?
> Pete

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