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Re: Key Question

To: <>
Subject: Re: Key Question
From: "Douglas McKinnie" <>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 10:13:40 +0100
>> but I found blanks at a regular key&lock shop.
>> Look for the little shop run by the old man who has owned it for 50  
>> years.
>> Or maybe I just got lucky . . .

>Nope, same story here in Pullman.

>Pete is really the best way to go though, he will cut a blank "by  
>number" (assuming you have the lock number), so you get what amounts  
>to an original key rather than a copy of a key that is likely rather  
>well worn by now.

My local old locksmith with dusty boxes also mentioned that if you 
bring him a blank and he messes up the cut, that is your problem, 
whereas if you use his blanks and he messes up the cut it is his. 

With my habit of misplacing keys, I think it a useful security feature 
to have a key that says "Honda", as there are few other MG's in the 
places where I park.

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