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[oletrucks] Nebraska Car and Truck Auction

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Subject: [oletrucks] Nebraska Car and Truck Auction
From: "David Raphael" <draphael@teleport.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 12:48:39 -0800
    Hey all you list members in Nebraska, check out this website for
information about the ole car and truck auction in Sidney, NE on November
12th and 13th:  http://www.sidneysun.com/carauction.html    The mailing I
got says they will auction off 500 cars and trucks in two days.  Photos and
lists show lots of Art Deco, Advance Design and Task Force GM trucks.
Sounds like fun.  Wish I could be there.

Dave  '49  3100  235  3window
Portland, Oregon

begin 666 Huge Car & Truck Auction.url
M8V]M+V-A<F%U8W1I;VXN:'1M; T*36]D:69I960]03!$,T4S,3$S0S(V0D8P

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