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Subject: [oletrucks] rear ends
From: "Brian m" <pkupman57@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 18:50:30 PST
i figured since everyone was talking about rear ends, and i was thinking 
about them today, it was a good time to ask my questions,
first off, i have a 1957 chevy truck with a rear end from i believe a '76 
caddilac seville (its a really big rearend, gets good freeway mileage 
((18+)) though i dont know the ratio, there is a number cast into it, but i 
dont have anything to check it with) and ive been thinking of getting a rear 
end from either a '96 camaro, '99 chevy silverado, or '99 F-150. i want this 
becuase i want a rear either with a bolt pattern that will match the front 
disk brakes (kit from GSPP, later model chevy full size car parts) and i 
want rear disk brakes. my question is which of those 3 is the EZest to 
install and the over all best. the Ford would be EZest for me to get since i 
work at the ford dealership for ROP and my instructor can get it for me with 
his employee discount. but i want chevy bolt pattern.
also, i have the original power brake booster and master cylinder, would i 
need a new M/C for 4 wheel disk brakes, or is that only for drum/ disk 
thanks in advance
Jess, '57 chevy 3200

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