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Re: [oletrucks] Which truck to buy?

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Which truck to buy?
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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 21:51:39 EST

I respect any route you take. I probably mixed a little too much of my 
opinion into a reply that should have been from a nuetral standpoint. I've 
never seen one in person, but from what I understand, a Huckster was a pickup 
(1/2-1 ton) that had it's steel bedsides and pine floor replaced with oak 
sides and had the bed lined with zinc plate. The rear fenders were attached 
directly to the oak sides. I'm not sure if it was a factory or dealer option, 
though I would assume it was dealer? '53 GMC Hydra-matic pickups were the 
first pickups to have automatic trannies and push-button starters. They also 
came with a very internally unique 228 hydraulic lifter engine and electric 
choke carb. Yes, I was talking about oiling when I said "dipper or full 
pressure." As far as telling the difference, read the loads of old posts on 
this subject or ask the others that are more knowledgeable on the list. For 
me, if it doesn't say "GMC" on the valve cover or on the intake manifold, I 
can't really use it.

In a message dated 99-11-14 20:19:02 EST, you write:

<< Dustin wrote
 > Norm,
 > I wish I was in your situation! I agree with your philosophy of buying the
 > rarest or most desirable rig to restore, though alot of other listers
 > agree. The one thing I don't agree with you about is I would take a deluxe
 > cab any day over a standard cab.
 Well rare is more of the way I percieve things...LOL I plan on aquiring some
 of the neat rare old options for what ever truck I decide to buy......and
 then get it running and slowly continue from that point on!
 And I have not sworn off the 5 window....but as the situation sits, the best
 complete truck (rust wise) is a 3 window......I was thinking a 3 window with
 a factory visor....and maybe a few other options i don't know about but
 which he may have floating around here!
 Huckster bed trucks and '53 Hydra-matic GMC's.
 Whats a huckster bed?...yes I am new  LOL
 Instead look
 > for full pressure 235's or 261's or buy a GMC with a 248 or 270. Don't buy
 > dipper engine if you can get a full pressure one.
 Ok Dipper....Full pressure.....I assume you are talking oiling systems
 here....how would I tell the differance?.....
 Thanks all, for the comments and advice...keep it comming.........Norm
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