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[oletrucks] TF Suburbans--tailgate vs doors

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Subject: [oletrucks] TF Suburbans--tailgate vs doors
From: J Forbes <jforbes@primenet.com>
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 17:31:10 -0700
Hi, all!

I lucked out and got doors on my 57 Suburban, which is a model 3106.  My
66 came with a tailgate (model 3116), and I went to some trouble to swap
to doors.  The TF trucks aren't as bad as the 60-66, but they do have a
heavy, tall tailgate, and a heavy liftgate.  At least the TF tailgate
has spring loaded supports on the lower gate, and you can open the lower
gate before the upper one.  That 66 was a real pain for me to use, and
even harder for my wife, because the lift gate had to go up a ways
before it would "catch".

In your swap, remember that you need the lower sill panel from the
tailgate suburban!  The sill for use with doors does not have the
tailgate hinge holes.  Also, be sure to get all the cable hardware from
inside the quarter panels.  The 3106 (door) Suburbans have the mounting
places for the retractors, even though they don't use them.

If you have any leftover door hardware, please let me know...

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