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Subject: [oletrucks] GMC Rearend
From: Edward Miller <edngael@open.org>
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 17:46:27 -0800
Hi Dave,

I may be a bit late, and my truck is a '58, but here goes:  After the
cover is off, you have to remove a spacer that fits in between where the
two axles come together.  It looks like a block of steel with a hole
through the middle that the pinion shaft (?) goes through.  After you
get all that out, shove one of the axles in and it should move in maybe
a quarter inch, then the c clip will be exposed for removal.  Do the
same for the other axle.  Later model ('60's) rear ends don't have the
spacer, but have longer buttons on the axle ends, and they ride up
against the shaft.  You still have to remove the shaft to slide the
axles in a little bit.

Good luck,
Ed Miller
'58 Apache Fleetside 
Dave wrote:  "I hope someone can help me out.  I am trying to change the
seals on a
'54 GMC rearend.  It has 10 bolts on the rear cover.  I took the cover
off, but can't seem to find any "C" clips as are so often discussed when

doing this on a Chevy rearend.  Does anyone know how to change the seals

on a GMC?

Thanks Much,

Dave Thomas
'54 3100"

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