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Subject: RE: [oletrucks] Welding info wanted...Circuit breaker size for220vac welder...
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Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 06:07:32 -0800

A couple of suggestions based on my experience.  Cracks can hold dirt and
grease inside them.  I grind out a vee along the crack to assure the weld
area is clean and to assure proper penetration.  I prefer to use E7018 low
hydrogen rod, but I might advise E6011 if you have not had much arc
experience.  I like the 3/32 inch rod.  If the crack is vertical you will be
tempted to run the bead from top to bottom, but your penetration will be far
less doing it that way than if you run it from bottom to top.  BUT...that is
one of the tougher welds to do for a new arc welder.  If you can get it
ground out, and use a hot setting on the welder, you may be able to weld it
"downhill" and get satisfactory results.  I would not run it downhill at all
if you cannot get it ground out.....your bead will more or less lay on top
and you will be right back to the same situation in no time.


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for220vac welder...

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>  Alright, I actually have 3 questions I'd like answered. (1) I have an old
>  Hobart T-225 arc welder that I'm trying to bring back to life ( been
>  interesting to find any cable parts for it, which is all I really need ).
>  What size breaker/fuse are you arc welders using with your Lincoln /
>  220 VAC arc welders? I installed a 50-amp circuit breaker, figuring that
>  about the right size for the size of the power cord ( 6/0 on my welder ).
>  friend of mine suggested using a 40-amp breaker, for safety, but I'd like
>  some info on what you guys are using already.
>     (2)Also, it's been awhile since I've done ANY arc welding, I"m more
>  familiar with gas welding...which cable hooks up to the part being
>  and which to the rod? I"m trying to weld up a broken frame on a '77 Dodge
>  van, as the steering box broke off with part of the frame, common to
>  Dodge vans of this era, I've been told, and have seen. No one locally
>  touch it, so I'm left to try it myself.
>     (3) I"ve got a 110 VAC Montgomery Wards "harry homeowner" arc welder,
> what
>  size rod/wire should I use? I bought it at an auction last year, but have
>  never tried using it until recently. I tried the 220 welding rods, but it
>  just arcs and sticks , won't draw a constant arc to weld with, so I guess
>  those rods are too thick to be used with this type of welder? and can I
>  the aforementioned frame ( 1/8 inch thick at most ) with the thinner
>  wire it probably uses? Thanks for any help, fella's!
>  Jerry Casper
>  rookie welder ( arc )


  The CB rating needs to be applicable to the wire gauge as well, you can't
just throw a 50amp brealer on 16 ga wire, the wire overheats and melts the
insulation before the breaker trips.

  Take a look at the NEC (should be a copy at the library), and get the info
with wire size vs. current rating.

  With that said, 40 amp CP should be sufficient for a180-200 amp buzz box,
but you really need to verify by the input rating of the unit (should be a
tag with s/n, voltage and current on it).

  You probably have an AC welder, hook the ground to the frame, the "work"
load to the tap that shows the current rating.

  With a 110v buzzbox, proably 1/16th rod.  Not sure of the type, I usually
grab what my Dad tells me to use:)

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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