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Re: [oletrucks] 49 test drive

To: Mark Self <markself@discover.net>
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] 49 test drive
From: ADvent@thuntek.net
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 21:35:23 -0600
i used a ford pulley on the water pump to slow down the pump rpm's and that
seemed to help a lot although the warmest temps i have driven it is about 50
or 60 . a sway bar will do wonders and the gmc and chevy sway bars apperar not
to be interchangable. jumping out of gear is a worn syncronizer or a weak
detent ball spring or both.
Mark Self wrote:

> Brad:
>     When my dad used to drive my truck, 40 yrs. ago, it did the same thing.
> He had it fixed by a man who said that he undercut the gears.  He claimed
> that it kept the gears more tightly engaged.  It must not be to big of a
> deal, as I think the man did the work for something like $40.  Whatever was
> done, it fixed the problem.
> Mark Self
> Redlands, CA
> '55 1st 5-window 3100
> "Sentimental Journey"
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> From: "Brad Newman" <bkn6@airmail.net>
> To: "oletrucks" <oletrucks@autox.team.net>
> Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 7:47 AM
> Subject: [oletrucks] 49 test drive
> > First, if anyone has been trying to reach me, my computer crashed the
> > last week of January and I am just now getting back up and running. If
> > you need or needed me, please contact me off list.
> > Second, and most important, is that after 2 years and one month, my 49
> > is back on the road! Road tests started off slow, with drives around the
> > neighborhood, and have progressively gotten farther out, including a 168
> > mile round trip yesterday afternoon! Since the time changed, I have
> > taken off early every day this week and put it through its paces, and in
> > a weeks time have put a little over 500 miles on it with only a couple
> > of glitches (see below).
> > The truck is stock except for Patricks 3.55 rear, PVC wiring, an upgrade
> > to 12 volts, and a set of Firestone LT215 85R16's (they look very close
> > to stock). I can tell already that I will be upgrading to front disc
> > brakes (6 lug), a dual M/C, and probably a sway bar and steering
> > stabilizer, but other than that I am VERY happy with what I ended up
> > with (I had never driven an AD until now).
> > Anyway, after this weeks activities, I was wondering if anyone could
> > help with the following:
> >
> > 1) The truck has overheated 3 times ....................... not a steam
> > spewing overheat, but a loss of fluid overheat. I seem to be loosing a
> > LOT of water through the run off hose by the cap. I fill it up and it
> > will last for a while, then do it again (stock, re-cored radiator, new
> > water pump and thermostat). Any ideas?
> > 2) At least once per trip, the tranny (stock, 3 on the tree) will jump
> > out of gear. I remember seeing something about this on the list but cant
> > remember what causes it or how to fix it.
> > 3) As stated earlier, I am interested in a sway bar and a steering
> > stabilizer. I have seen these in the parts catalogs, but have never
> > talked to anyone who has used them. Any feedback?
> >
> > I apologize for rambling on, but at the moment I cant seem to contain
> > myself. I'm sure that before I'm finished (still have the bed to go), I
> > will again be asking the list for help. I would like to sincerely thank
> > each and every one of you who either knowingly or unknowingly, directly
> > or indirectly contributed to the success this project, and would like to
> > say that I never could have done it without all of ya'lls help. Thank
> > you all very, very much.
> > Brad Newman
> > Coppell, Texas
> >
> > oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959
> >
> oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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