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[oletrucks] One for the 700R4 transmission Guru's

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Subject: [oletrucks] One for the 700R4 transmission Guru's
From: "Jeff Davis" <jsd51@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 19:46:03 PDT
     Hope someone out there can help me with this odd problem!
First off let me apologize for getting a little off subject since this 
problem concerns my '85 suburban.
     I pulled the suburban in the garage on a thursday and removed the heads 
because of a gasket problem. Thinking I'd kill two birds with one stone,I 
took the heads to the machine shop for a valve job. Six days after pulling 
the heads(they were still in the machine shop)I came home from work and 
noticed there was tranny fluid all over the garage floor. Not a pretty 
site!It's like the tranny just puked!
     After installing the heads and getting the truck back on road I figured 
I'd drive it a couple of days and see if the problem would fix itself 
(ha-ha). The tranny was removed and a new front seal was installed. Again, 
killing two birds with one stone I also put in a shift kit.
     Now I can drive the truck and the transmission seems to operate 
beautifully however after driving the truck I have checked repeatedly for up 
to two hours and the driveway is still dry,but when I look again in the 
morning there is a 10" puddle of tranny fluid under the truck. It's like it 
just sets for a while and then decides to puke.
     Never heard of this happening before! Again it's a 1985 700R4. Any help 
or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
Jeff Davis
'51 custom

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