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[oletrucks] Happy Easter All

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Subject: [oletrucks] Happy Easter All
From: "Terry/Annette O'Brien" <taobrien@baynet.net>
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 23:34:42 -0400
Does anyone know if 225/75/R16 tires will go on the original AD 16 inch
rims?   I can get the tires real cheap. Also I have 2 AD standard heaters to
get rid of.  Both seem to be in good working order and appearance.  If these
tires will work out I'll be looking for 16 inch beauty rings so a trade
might be possible.  Also am looking for an original AD (1951) radio.  The
tires I want to buy measure out at 29 1/2 diam.  Is that about right?
Thanks in advance.  Terry O'Brien from Great White North.
Orig 51 3 window

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