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Subject: [oletrucks] Show trucks
From: wac8019 <wac8019@erinet.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 18:58:15 +0000
  Whoa...I'm sorry...didn't mean to step on anybody's toes.  I was only
giving my opinion that I think its sad that this truck will never be
driven again.  Deve already said that it will live its life in a locked
garage and may only see the light of day when it is 'trailered' to a
show.  I was only expressing my feeling that the true worth of these
trucks can only found by driving them down the road.
  I would prefer to personally experience a 'cold one on a hot day' at
the 'beach' of a local lake, rather than 'watching' a slide show of
somebody's Caribbean vacation .....and
...I would rather cuddle with my loving wife, than just fantasize about
a 'showy centerfold'............and I really enjoy the 'thumbs up' from
those who pass me while I drive my ole truck to the grocery,  much more
that the prospect of bragging rights on a show truck.   These things
have to be experienced personally ......just my humble opinion for me
and my ole truck,.....Deve has every right to do as he pleases with his
truck.  Please understand, I was not attacking Deve.  In fact, I
previously e-mailed him, telling him I can appreciate his diligence in
his perfection.  And as I stated earlier, regardless of what you, I or
Deve thinks is the proper 'use' of these ole trucks, I applaud anyone
who saves a truck from the fate of so many others, to rust away from
neglect.  And for that.....'thumbs up" Deve!  Sorry if I hurt anyone's

Whoa, there!  Way too dramatic, in my opinion.  Deve is after something
great and transcendent here.  He's taking an abandoned and deteriorating

thing and resurrecting it to a state of perfection which it probably
had before.  To me this is human nature at it's best.  Of course, if
pessimistically inclined, you can view it as a futile effort, after all
scientists tell us that the sun will burn us all up in a few billion
etc. etc. (fill in your favorite apocalypse).  But we'd all be living in

caves if guys like Deve didn't see the bigger picture.

And even if you don't see it like he does, there's no cause to say stuff

like "how sad" etc.  Have a little respect.

Hooray for Deve and his A-number-one truck to be!  Deve is a very classy



Grant S.

>......how sad........I'm glad ole trucks don't possess a true
>spirit, for I fear this one would be crushed.  I
> respect your diligence to restoring a truck to it's well deserved
>glory, but I hope that someone will have the
> funds to satisfy your labor of love and free this truck from a
>"look, but don't touch" existence.  Then maybe
>both you and your truck will be fulfilled
...Maybe I'm too

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