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Re: [oletrucks] Will this rear end fit in my '59?

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Will this rear end fit in my '59?
From: Passnb4U@aol.com
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 03:58:02 EDT
In a message dated 5/27/00 8:19:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time, markel@webt.com 

> I'm looking to do a rear end swap on my '59.  Ideally, I want to get a 5
>  bolt pattern (preferably GM), between 3.07 and 3.27, posi, and discs.  I
>  found one from an 86 Trans Am that meets these criteria, but don't know
>  whether it meets the width requirements.  Has anyone used a post-82 axle
>  from a Camaro or Firebird in a TF truck?  If width is correct, is there
>  anything I should know about this axle that would make it undesirable.  I
>  know I'll have to add spring perches and cut off all the other mounts, but
>  will this axle handle truck duties (I do actually use this truck to haul
>  rock, topsoil, whatever --- not a garage queen).  Are there other potential
>  late-model swaps I should consider that would meet the above criteria?
>  Somewhere a while back I saw postings on Lincoln Versailles rear end swaps
>  as a direct fit by switching around the springs or something.  Was this
>  swap for AD trucks or TF's?  Does it bolt in to the drive-line.  
>  I guess I should ask one other question.  What is the correct width rear
>  end for this truck and how do you measure it?  The truck currently has a
>  '71 12 bolt in it from the prior owner.  Looks OK in there, but I don't
>  know if it has the exact width of the original or not.
>  Thanks.
>  Jason
>  '59 Short Fleet

  I don't recall the width on the rear, but I can tell you a litte about 

  It's a 26 spline, 7.5 inch ring gear if it's the 10 bolt, later about '88 
or '89 the 10 bolt went to a 28 spline axle, and 7.65 inch ring gear.  Both 
are kinda light duty for a "truck", but many 3rd gen F-body guys are pushing 
these deep into the 12's, and they seem to hold up okay.

  If it's a 9bolt BW rear, it'll have a 7.75 inch ring gear, as mentioned by 
another, parts are expensive to come by, but...it is a stouter rearend than 
the 3rd gen F-body 10 bolt rears.

  Pre-'89 disc rear calipers were not the best, in '89 GM switched to a 
different rear caliper and ebake setup, and it works better.

  That said, either way, I'd look for a 2nd generation F-body 10bolt, it'll 
have a 8.5inch ring gear (from '71-'81), I know the width is pretty close 
(within an inch) of the TF rears, and is stronger all the way around, and 
less expensive than a 12 bolt rearend.

  Besides the larger ring gear, the posi unit has clutches which are less 
expensive to rebuild, then the '82-'92 cone posi units.'

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