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[oletrucks] hello from a newcomer

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Subject: [oletrucks] hello from a newcomer
From: "Micheal P Shanahan" <shanahan@pacific.net>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 01:28:04 -0700
hello from me
green 54 chavy 3100
1959 235 i think
19?? 4 speed
6 volt
please bare with my spelling tonight ive been up a while looking for chevy
things alittle fuzzy right now
i see in the parts lists that there is an 6 volt coil with a resistor and
without one. is this resistor for 12 volt batt and 6 volt ignition system
hows this work
also see that there is a 12 volt starter with a foot switch that looks like
my 6 volt switch/starter
is this a direct replacement for the 6 volt w/switch that is in my 54 3100 6
volt or did they come out with one oem for a 6 cyl 12 volt system
is it easy to switch to 12 volt from 6 volt
my truck has a floor shifter now and i wonder if it was a new tranny or just
a change in linkage or something. anyone know of a a common 4 speedswap
if so does this mean that i dont have the enclosed driveline any more i

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