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[oletrucks] Rust converter....EXTEND does NOT convert, it coats...

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Subject: [oletrucks] Rust converter....EXTEND does NOT convert, it coats...
From: GremlinGTs@aol.com
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 20:49:51 EDT
   I don't know how many of you really look at these products after you use 
them....I tried Extend a time or two, but all it really does is create a  
slick black coating on the metal...if you bang on it at all, it comes off 
like a slick clear shell in pieces, leaving the metal underneath the same 
brown rusty stuff it was before. I've wire brushed, sanded, degreased, etc, 
and all it does is coat. This isn't CONVERTing rust, it's COATING rust. A 
TRUE converter wouldn't come off, the metal itself would be changed by the 
chemical reaction. I am thinking about buying the more useful ( and expensive 
) POR-15 product, my AMC Pacer has some serious rust in the floors, and these 
cheap rip-off products aren't going to stop the rust, or do the job. They may 
slow it, but they won't stop it. Just my .02 worth of venting on worthless ( 
or nearly so ) products. Been there, tried that, ain't worth it. 

Jerry Casper
'79 AMC Pacer
'55 Chevy Suburban
'78 Gremlin GT
'57 Chevy 4-dr sedan
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