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Re: Fw: [oletrucks] '46 rear bumper

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Subject: Re: Fw: [oletrucks] '46 rear bumper
From: Lewis Osborn <losborn@teleport.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 18:10:19 -0800
Monday, December 11, 2000, 5:48:11 PM, Michael wrote:

> Guys,

> I learned something new today.  My '46 3/4 ton pick up is an unusual beast -
> the first true 3/4 ton Chevy made that has 8 lugs in the rear, different
> brake shoes in the front, and, by the way most importantly, a different
> frame.  My frame is 36" wide and this width is unique.  Jeff from Bowtie
> Bits said that the 3/4's were mostly flat beds and so that a rear bumper is
> rare.

Could be...  I've seen 3/4 tons in those years - the bed is noticeably
different from the 1/2 ton - but, it's true, not many of them.

> So that is why the brackets did not fit - they were for a different frame
> width.  I did learn from you guys how to mount the frame extensions.  But
> does anyone know if there is such a thing as a '46 3/4 ton bracket?  I guess
> I could take a 48" piece of flat stock that matches and make the transition
> that way.  Any thoughts?

I don't have my brackets readily at hand at the moment, but I imagine
that they were fairly hard steel.  Obviously, it'd look just fine with
mild steel - and you're probably not planning on putting the bumper to
the test, anyway. <G>  As I remember, my brackets look just like the one
in Whitney's picture.

>> By the way, that's pretty incredible to have a one owner truck.

Yes, it's neat to know the history, and to have all of the memories
associated with it.  I just wish I would have paid a bit more attention
to it 10-15 years ago; I wouldn't have had near the work now, if I had.

Lewis - K7LVO - Medford, OR - Valley of the Rogue
The Forty - 1940 Chevy Pickup - One Owner
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