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Re: [oletrucks] Any more advice on IFS or Rear End swaps for TF

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Any more advice on IFS or Rear End swaps for TF
From: Claude <cramey@earthlink.net>
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2003 14:58:52 -0600
I did the tuned port on my '85 with a 350 using the 90-92 computer with 
MAP. www.painlesswiring.com has a lot of info and a good list of all the 
sensors with part numbers. Chevythunder was a big help for me.


Jeff Engel wrote:

>My setup is a little different from what was in my 85 IROC.  The 85 was the
>first and somewhat odd year for the TPI.  The 85 had it's own computer and
>was a Mass Air Flow setup.  86-88 shared a computer and were Mass Air Flow
>setup. 90-92 shared a computer and were a Manifold Absolute Pressure setup.
>The MAP setups are easier and somewhat cheaper to install.  Plus the air
>intake plumbing is much cleaner.  The MAF requires a huge MAF sensor in the
>air intake before the throttle body.  MAP does away with this.  You probably
>already know this stuff but I wanted to clarify just in case.
>I set mine up like a 1990 Camaro with a 305 TPI and 700R4 tranny.  It uses
>all the same sensors as my 85 EXCEPT: no MAF (you add a MAP sensor now),
>computers handles spark control so, no ESC sensor, different computer (use
>'730 computer), eliminate the 9th injector at driver side fuel rail and
>intake runners, and eliminate the cold start sensor at the front of the
>intake manifold.  Also, "chip" in the computer must be modified.  this is
>easy and a lot of people can do this.  I had the VATS (vehicle anti theft
>system) disabled (this lets me start the truck) and I had the EGR codes
>disabled (I eliminated all the emissions stuff).  My state does not requires
>emissions testing for my year of truck.  The computer controls the cooling
>fan.  I got the fan from Jeg's and I used the radiator from the 85.  It
>works great and looks great to.  The radiator is the exact size to fit up
>front and no I have no radiator sticking up above the hood latch panels.
>Nice and smooth.  Check my shutterfly pics for a shot of that.  There is a
>fuel pump relay and cooling fan relay that I mounted on the firewall below
>the battery that are a part of the engine harness.  I have the Check Engine
>light mounted where my ignition switch used to be and the connector for
>checking engine codes mounted right below the ash tray
>I made a custom stainless steel gas tank for under the bed and installed the
>stock fuel pump from the 85 gas tank to my gas tank.  It is in the tank
>itself.  I used the sending unit that came with my Auto Meter gauges for the
>fuel gauge.
>This sounds like a lot but it isn't.  Very easy to install and no special
>tools required.  I suggest you go to: www.chevythunder.com for a wealth of
>info.  This guy helped me a lot!  He has harnesses and was the one to do my
>Please feel free to ask me anymore questions.  If I can help, I will do my
>Jeff Engel
>1956 TF
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>Subject: RE: [oletrucks] Any more advice on IFS or Rear End swaps for TF
>trucks outthere?
>Hey Jeff
>I was wondering about the tuned port  305 with computer swap out of the
>IROC. Do you have any info on the required sensors, fuel pump/ relays etc
>required to do this swap. How easy is this swap. I have a 350 IROC totaled
>and would like to make that swap into my 51 AD. This IROC also has the disc
>brake rear end, that I think I can make work in it. I plan on installing
>the bolt in front suspension unit from a 73 1/2 ton Chevy P.U. with cross
>member and motor mounts.
>Roger  Gleason
>51AD 3100 Huckster
>I know you didn't inquire about this but I thought I would add some
>additional information on my drivetrain and my choices there.  I had a 1985
>IROC Camaro that was totaled.  So, I took the Tuned Port Injected 305 and
>700R4 tranny out of it and put it in my 56 TF.  Computer and all.  This
>gives me good mileage and performance.  I also used the steering column and
>the front calipers.  The overdrive tranny coupled with my 2.73 gears really
>helps on the highway. Low RPM, high gas mileage.  I had 3.70 gears but they
>started to howl.  So, I swapped the center section with another center
>section that I had from a different project (67 Mustang GT fastback).  It
>drives much smoother with the 2.73's but not as snappy as the 3.70's.
>Another trade off to think about.
>I have some pictures of the front end, engine and truck on Shutterfly.com
>you want to take a look.
>I hope this gives you some of the info you needed and if not hopefully you
>weren't bored to tears!
>oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959
oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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