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Re: [oletrucks] TF stuff and such - diesels

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] TF stuff and such - diesels
From: Spinningroach@aol.com
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 14:43:15 EDT
Hi guys, just a personal opinion about diesel engines (non-GM, sorry... ).

I'm not personnaly crazy about diesel engines, but I think when they are well 
designed, and have been properly maintained over the years, they can be 
really amazing. I was given a '61 Mercedes truck a few months ago. I don't know 
many milles the truck has on it, but it had been used as a tow truck for a 
circus since 1961. Then it remainded on a parking lot for 4 years (having only 
been fired up once in these 4 years). I had the truck towed next to my house, 
and asked the truck company that towed it to start the engine. When I got 
there, the engine was at idle and sounded real good. The guys said it started 
without any problem. I drove it twice, doing maybe 30 milles. It really ran 
like a 
charm (much to my surprise!). Yesterday I paid its first real visit to my 
truck after more than 9 months... well, I fired up the engine... AND IT CRACKED 
RIGHT AWAY, IMMEDIATELY. Then, I drove it to its new garage a quarter mille 
away, without any further problem... not bad for a truck that was supposed to 
be crushed, uh??? JP
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