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Re: [oletrucks] Abandoned, my foot.

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Abandoned, my foot.
From: GremlinGTs@aol.com
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 06:21:07 EDT
> >I assume you chose where you live for a reason.  Keep in mind that as 
> >a resident you have a social responsibility to that neighborhood or 
> >community to abide by their laws or ordinances.

       And SOCIETY has  a responsibility to allow INDIVIDUALs to exercise 
their Constitutional rights, which INCLUDES the freedom to own property...NO 
WHERE in the Big C does it state that the CONDITION of the property is 
only the ownership! But unfortunately, our society is often more concerned 
with the "rights" of the masses ( there IS no CR to have your "property values" 
maintained in the Constitution, is there???  So the individual right to "own" 
property, no matter the condition, SHOULD be placed over any local ordinances 
requiring that any property be in a certain "condition" for continued 
ownership...but it is not ), but it is enforced like it does. Same thing with 
the farce 
of having to "register" your car to maintain legal ownership...I'd pay the 
taxes gladly on it, but in Virginia you HAVE to have insurance before they'll 
allow registration...so they nail you by forcing you to pay a THIRD party ( ie, 
Insurance company, in my eyes that's illegally requiring payment of money to a 
3rd party to secure your "rights" ) before they'll "give" you a registration 
so your property will be "legal" in their eyes...again, a total subvervsion of 
your individual RIGHT to own it ( which also should include maintaining it 
close to you at your place of residence ). If I ever hit the lottery, I"ll 
probably be suing the local gov'ts in court for years to get these unjust laws 
overturned. But as long as the "masses" want THEIR so-called "rights" 
it'll be an uphill battle. And NO, you can't keep moving to get away from it, 
nor should one have to. New Hampshire is probably the only state left with any 
real "freedom", but I'm not moving there, I'll fight for MY rights here in 
VA. I had the same battles with my neighbors, and wound up putting up privacy 
fences around my driveway so they couldn't see all my " projects". I maintain 
property, but I like to tinker with old cars, and as long as I can hide them 
from view, and they're satisfied ( so far, they are ), then that should be the 
best compromise. Those with no driveway don't have that option, and shouldn't 
be penalized for it, nor have to "move" the vehicle to assure it's not 
ticketed. Besides, aren't most antique vehicle registrations conditioned upon 
NON-use of the vehicle for most normal daily uses except for shows and 
maintenance? So it SHOULD be allowed to sit long periods! Again, it's just a 
shell game 
to satisfy the whinings of the masses. I"m sure the trailer up on blocks and 
other "Unsightly" things are cause for concern, I'll agree to that. But don't 
beat everyone up for the stupidity of the few. Go on individual case-by-case, 
not mass harassment. Ok, I've said enough, I'll shut up.

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